Perception's Lens

Ask me anything   Perception is defined as the immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation, as of moral, psychological, or aesthetic qualities; insight; intuition; discernment.

This site is dedicated to the camera on my Samsung Galaxy s2 phone because the main way you will see how I perceive the world is through it's lens. There will also be articles about myself, how we look at the world and how things can also be perceived..
The mind is indeed a very powerful thing.

If you are a yoga blog that is following me back, I have a separate blog dedicated to yoga. Check it out.

First try at multi layer pieces of orgonite.
May they fill the holes in my heart.

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— 2 weeks ago

Ice test for my Orgonite.

Thefirst picture is the test for the piece that had 2 Healing Quartz and Kyanite filled with aluminum flake and finished with a layer of bronze flake.

The next 3 are the Amethyst and bronze flake piece.

It was the first one I unmolded and I was a wee bit too excited about the results that about a 1/3rd of the cup melted before I remembered to take pictures.

The first pic is the torsion from 1 side and the other 2 are my attempts to catch the spiral of fractures at side.

— 1 month ago

How do I feel right now.?

FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the millionth power!

— 2 months ago
Get Your New Canadian Name →

Apparently I am Cold Crotch MacDonald!

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Sometimes you need to vent and I vent to the open endless space of the internet.

Most of my vents I keep private, content that big brother or some super advanced A.I. program is reading my every word.

Sometimes when I write down what I am feeling, it’s the only way it will leave me alone. Somethings need to be let out, a private log is better than a yelling match with a human being.

Also, I get to read my own words and feelings. Often, right after I write , i disagree with 80%  of what is written and it is a friendly reminder that my highly emotional states do not convey the same belief structure that I maintain everyday.

Other times, I use it to track my emotional states, especially anger and depression. Knowing what i feel during those states means I can talk about when I am not. We repress a lot of things just because we may not agree with it at the time or we may not even know we harbor that belief within. When we are calm, we glaze over little things and push them back into our subconscious. You can’t dissolve those beliefs if you aren’t prepared to give your emotional self a good look in the face and ohhhhh what an ugly face it is.

But sometimes you miss and post a vent publicly.

I hate when that **** happens!

But hey, that’s the content for a private post.

— 3 months ago
My favorite pic from my recent weekend trip to NYC!
My first time in Central Park.

My favorite pic from my recent weekend trip to NYC!
My first time in Central Park.

— 4 months ago

I just slaved over the stove for 45 min and only got 25 crepes! 8 of which were lost to the struggle (burnt or torn) and thus eaten to hide the evidence. Crepes, why must you be soo delicate but yummy!

1 crepe cake in the making!

— 5 months ago